MonoLED Unit


An all-in-one standard LED light source that achieves high versatility.

This is a small standard LED light source unit that integrates an LED light source, an LED drive circuit, a heat dissipation component, and a light source socket at a low price.

*MonoLED is a product name of ICHIKO Industries, Ltd.

About products

  1. Dissipation effect

    Dissipation effect

    The unit uses a resin which conducts heat very efficiently and thus also plays a role in dissipating heat.

  2. Realize diversity of light emitting design

    Realize diversity of light emitting design

Development phase

Improve brightness · heat radiation efficiency, make it compact

  1. First generation
    First generation
  2. Second generation
    Second generation
  3. Third generation
    Third generation
Since MonoLED combines optical components such as light guiding lenses and reflectors, it enables the production of a variety of light-emitting models, including use as the rear combination lamp in the new Prius.