ICHIKOH aims to become an "excellent" company

Ichikoh's management philosophy

We established a new Management Philosophy as a result of active and intensive internal discussion. We are determined to continue our effort to add to Ichikoh's unique history as a global supplier, with the new catchphrase in mind along with the following concepts of "Mission" "Vision" "Value".



Reflect and Shine, Create a driving environment that feels safer, offers more protection, and provides more comfort.


As a deep-rooted Monozukuri company,we at Ichikoh continuously endeavor to become a corporation that satisfies both customers and society by pioneering the frontiers of technology and supplying optimal solutions while simultaneously being ecologically minded.
By valuing the individual, showing mutual respect for each other, and providing an open corporate culture where issues can be freely discussed, we will continue to make the company one of the best places to work.



Provide solutions that satisfy both customers and society through collaborative efforts with our customers.


Strive to become a Monozukuri company with confidence and pride in our manufacturing excellence that is not afraid of challenging new technologies while remaining environmentally friendly.


Constantly challenge the status quo by maintaining industry-wide awareness and not making excuses for not trying.


Be considerate to and respectful of others, be fair and sincere and act in accordance with the generally accepted practices of the industry.


Be accepting of diversities in culture, customs, lifestyle, gender, age and race.

One Team

Heighten individual aptitude and compete using organizational strength.