ICHIKOH Group Environmental Policy

<Environmental Philosophy>

For the satisfaction of our customers, ICHKOH Group based on the management policy 5Axes(*), as one of the most important issues of the global environment protection under corporate sustainability, including the supply chain, taking into account the life cycle and energy performance, through development, design, procurement, manufacturing of auto lamp, mirror, aftermarket parts, always strive to "friendly to humans and the earth, manufacturing to create a safe and comfortable."

(*)5AXES are: 1) Total quality, 2) Development of products, 3) Production system, 4) Involvement of personnel, 5) Supplier integration.

<Basic Policy>

  • We will promote to carbon neutral through our business activities and products.
  • We will promote efficient use and recycling of water resources.
  • We will promote to management of chemical substances contained in products and packaging materials.
  • We will promote to the aim of a society in harmony with nature initiatives.
  • We will promote to comply with environmental laws and requirements.
  • We will promote for continuous improvement and periodic review of environmental activities and energy performance improvement.
  • We will publish widely commitment to environment.
  • Water Environment Impact We will promote initiatives for activities.


Tetsuya SHIDA

Environmental Philosophy / Environmental Policy / Guidelines for Conduct

Environmental Philosophy

In order to satisfy our customers, and based on our 5 AXES*Management Policy, ICHIKOH Industries has set preservation of the global environment as a key issue, and strives continually for "Monozukuri that creates safety and comfort that is kind to the environment" through the development, design, and manufacture of automotive lamps, mirrors, and supplies.

*The 5 AXES are five basic principles for delivering satisfaction to our customers.

  1. Total Quality
  2. Constant Innovation
  3. Supplier Integration
  4. Production System
  5. Involvement of Personnel

Environmental Policy

  1. We will strive for products, technologies, and services that are kind to the environment.
  2. We will set specific long-, medium-, and short-term targets, and will manage our progress toward those.

Guidelines for Conduct

  1. We will strive to reduce energy usage through our business activities and products.
  2. We will strive to efficiently use and recycle resources.
  3. We will strive to manage the chemical substances contained in products and packaging materials.
  4. We will strive to comply with environmental laws, ordinances, and requirements and to prevent pollution.
  5. We will strive to periodically review and continually improve our EMS*.
  6. We will widely disclose our initiatives toward the environment.

*EMS: Environmental Management System

Environmental Report

Development aspects

Monitoring of environmentally harmful substances

With the strengthening of international chemical substance regulations in recent years, there is an increasing need for the monitoring of environmentally harmful substances. ICHIKOH Industries checks for the presence of environmentally harmful substances at stages including new product development, and makes products that are environmentally considerate.

Supply Chain

Green Procurement Guidelines

In order to procure components that have low impact on the environment, we established our Green Procurement Guidelines in August 2004. We request that suppliers of components and materials to ICHIKOH undertake (1) creation of environmental management systems, (2) management of environmentally harmful substances (chemical substances contained in products), and (3) green procurement of the office and other supplies used within their own companies.