Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


With the aim of continuously improving our corporate value under our Management Philosophy, and in order to build a relationship of trust with our shareholders and other stakeholders, our Group established Corporate Governance Guidelines on December 10, 2015 (Revised on December 13, 2018).

Internal Control System

As our structure for internal control, the Company has Directors, a Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors, a Board of Corporate Auditors, Accounting Auditors, a Executive Directors Meeeting, Executive Officers, Audit Department, and other organization. Regarding basic thinking concerning our internal control and status of preparation, see the Corporate Governance Information Search of Japan Exchange Group, Inc.

Internal Control System


We have established a Compliance and CSR Committee to promote companywide compliance, and make improvements in our compliance programs and control compliance activities.

The ICHIKOH Group Code of Conduct

Under our Management Philosophy of Mission, Vision, and Values, our Group will faithfully observe all laws and regulations in all respect of our management activities, and will act with decency. Moreover, in response to the globalization of business activities, we conduct management that takes the interests of diverse stakeholders into consideration, and are working across the company to improve compliance.

Compliance Regulations

We have established the regulations concerning the basic principles and matters necessary for the establishment of the system and promotion for the compliance within our Group.

CSR Regulations

We have established matters necessary for the creation and promotion of policies and structures related to CSR within our Group.

Risk Management

Risk Management

To promote risk management within our Group, the Business Planning Office serves as the Risk Management Secretariat, engages in discussions within the Executive Directors Meeeting, and reports to the Board of Directors. We are working to formulate solutions to cross-departmental risks and otherwise improve our risk management activities, through means including conference discussions.

Information Security

As a company that bears social responsibility, we believe that we must take sweeping and effective countermeasures against the risk of information leaks, and must safely manage and use the information assets that we hold. Accordingly, by formulating our Information Management Regulations and related regulations to properly maintain information security and by constructing an information security structure based on these regulations, we are working to improve and enhance our structure for management of confidential information.

Business Continuity

As a company that supports an automobile industrial supply chain, our Group has organized a BCM (Business Continuity Management) Committee to carry out activities with consideration of business continuity. We perform planning and tracking of annual activities and work to strengthen and improve our structures.