Ichikoh continues to consistently provide the best and safest vision products in harmony with the design aspects of each individual vehicle. The excellence of the underlying technology is evidenced in the high praise and trust bestowed on the company from both domestic and overseas OEM manufacturers. Head lamps, rear combination lamps, door mirrors, etc.... you will most likely discover that your car already contains our products.

  • LEXUS LM [Head lamp]
    LEXUS LM[Head lamp]
  • LEXUS IS [Rear lamp]
    LEXUS IS[Rear lamp]
  • C+POD [Head lamp]
    TOYOTA C+POD[Head lamp]
  • TOYOTA YARIS [Rear-view Mirror]
    TOYOTA YARIS[Rear-view Mirror]
  • NISSAN PATROL [Head lamp]
    NISSAN PATROL[Head lamp]
  • NISSAN NOTE [Head lamp+Rear lamp]
    NISSAN NOTE[Head lamp+Rear lamp]
  • NISSAN LEAF [Head lamp+Rear lamp]
    NISSAN LEAF[Head lamp+Rear lamp]
  • DAIHATSU ROCKY [Head lamp+Rear lamp]
    DAIHATSU ROCKY[Head lamp+Rear lamp]
  • SUZUKI LAPIN [Head lamp+Rear lamp]
    SUZUKI LAPIN[Head lamp+Rear lamp]
  • SUBARU LEVORG [Rear lamp]
    SUBARU LEVORG[Rear lamp]
  • HONDA N-BOX [Rear lamp]
    HONDA N-BOX[Rear lamp]
  • HONDA N-ONE [Rear lamp]
    HONDA N-ONE[Rear lamp]
  • MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER [Front combination lamp]
    MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER[Front combination lamp]
  • MITSUBISHI ECLIPS CORSS [Rear-view Mirror]