History of ICHIKOH

June 1903 Foundation of the company. Started delivering to Ministry of International Tradeand Industry as a plant specialized in the manufacture of white light wax oil, signal lamp, etc.
April 1916 Ichikawa Seisakusho was founded as a manufacturer of automotive parts
June 1934 Ichikawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd. was established.
December 1939 Establishment of Hakkosha Co., Ltd.
July 1962 Isehara Plant was newly constructed in Isehara-shi, Kanagawa-ken.
May 1964 Nakatsugawa Plant was newly constructed in Nakatsugawa-shi, Gifu-ken.
January 1965 Fujioka Plant No.1 was newly constructed in Fujioka-shi, Gunma-ken.
May 1967 Hakkosha Industries and Ichikawa Manufacturing entered into a cooperative agreement.
October 1968 The two companies merged and ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES, LTD. was established with the capital of 1.4 billion Yen.
April 1969 Fujioka Plant No.2 was newly constructed.
August 1971 Company stock listing was upgraded to the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
July 1983 Establishment of production affiliate company, Kyushu Ichikoh, in Ooshinden Nakatsu city.
April 1987 Ichikoh Manufacturing, Inc. (IMI) was established in Kentucky, U.S.A.
November 1988 Kenkoh Industries, Ltd. was established as a joint venture company in Chang-Hua of Taiwan.
March 1989 Capital investment was made in Gentex Corporation of Michigan, U.S.A.
November 1990 Ichikoh Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was established as a subsidiary company in Negeri Semblilan, Malaysia.
March 1997 P.T. Ichikoh Indonesia was established in the suburb of Jakarta, Indonesia.
January 2000 A new plant constructed in the Chang-Hua of Taiwan.
July 2000 Comprehensive business alliance agreement was concluded with Valeo for lighting business.
July 2003 Wuxi Koh Sean Technology Co.,Ltd. was established as a joint venture.
November 2005 Technical assistance agreement was concluded between Ichikoh and FIEM.
March 2006 FoshanIchikoh Valeo Auto Lighting Systems Co.,Ltd. was established in China.
December 2006 Ichikoh Mitsuba, Inc. (IMIC) was established in Kentucky, USA.
May 2007 Due to expansion of business and cost reductions, construction of new Kyushu Ichikoh plant in Sanko Mura, Nakatsu city.
February 2007 Liquidation of Ichikoh Manufacturing Inc. (IMI) in Kentucky, USA.
August 2008 Establishment of Ichikoh Industries Thailand Co., Ltd. (current consolidated affiliate company) in Kingdom of Thailand.
September 2009 Due to the restructure of production system, closure of Nakatsugawa plant.
December 2009 Due to the restructure of production system, closure of Oizumi plant.
September 2010 The headquarters is moved to Isehara new building i-Wing.
August 2011 Liquidation of Ichikoh Mitsuba Inc. (IMIC) affiliate company in Kentucky, USA.
August 2012 Establishment of Valeo Ichikoh Holding Ltd. in Dublin city Republic of Ireland. Conducts managent of lamp business in Chinese region as a holding company of FIV, Shenyang, Valeo, Wuhu Valeo, and Hubei Tech Center.
October 2012 Construction of Ichikoh Thailand new plant, affiliate company, in Amata city Rayon province in the Kingdom of Thailand.
December 2014 Wuxi Koh Sean Technology Co.,Ltd. became a 100% subsidiary.
November 2015Sales Headquarters Automotive Aftermarket Department Customer Parts Transfer a part of the sales division business, Specialized in development and production of business.
January 2017Valeo Bayen becomes the parent company of the Company through a tender offer.
June 2019Atsugi Plant was newly constructed.
March 2023Transfer Ichikoh Industries' mirror business to subsidiary Misato Industries through a company split (absorption-type split).
Tobira of Ichikoh Industries